I welcome you to have a peek into my World.

Young, determined and beautiful. The Gothic Domme of your dreams. How I enjoy spending my time is to play with the hearts and minds of weak minded, and after I am done with you, all you can do is beg for more. I live and breath Gothic and alternative lifestyle. BDSM is really close to my heart and is full-time part of my life. Nothing you see or hear from me is an act, this is who I really am and nothing here is fake.

If you wish to see more of my life, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, or join me on Onlyfans to have private talk with me. Twisted Mistress is waiting for you.

I am a real life Domme and I have had plenty of real life slaves in my life before the pandemic hit. Now during lockdown I want to continue exploring my sexuality online. I only get sexual pleasure when someone is being dominated and controlled. Vanilla sex was ruined for me years ago and I am never going back.

I love scratching, bondage, teasing, ropes, toys, CHASTITY, blackmail and the list goes on.. Anything that grants me power over someone else turns me on, and I seek to have an army of good boys and girls to submit to me and make sure that my every need is being handled.

Even though I do get turned on by dominating anyone, I only accept the most obedient and impressive good boys and girls into my personal stable. The chosen ones have to submit to me and truly show their dedication one way or another.

This is part of my sexuality, so if you just want to have a quick wank, you can always go and get my Onlyfans and be satisfied with that. For you to truly shine, you will have to go above and beyond over others that you do want to become part of my chosen ones.

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